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  1. Tracy Taylor
    March 6, 2018 @ 1:29 am

    Two things about what Karen did make this a tough pill to swallow. She started riding for the Canadian Olympic team and now has changed countries to ride for Croatia. Unless I’m very mistaken, while Karen is within the rules, riding for an Olympic team, any Olympic team, should not be about playing roulette with countries as much as actual pride.

    Now on to the flagrant exploitation of the rules. How about letting her compete under the loophole and then splitting the class placings according to actual status. Suddenly, her win against herself doesn’t mean much and the AA in the class can still place as if she was not in the class. For example, lets say she competed and won in a class of 20. Instead of getting a blue ribbon and having her record reflect 20 competitors, she would get a blue ribbon and her record would reflect 1 competitor. Just as important, the AA competing in the class will fill places 1 through 6 instead of 2 to 6. This solution would not take much to implement nor would it require extensive rule rewrites.

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